The Chapel

The Chapel


$750 per wedding

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Open to our past students, the Somerville House community and the Somerville House Foundation members; The Chapel stands as a venerable testament to the school's rich history and enduring spiritual legacy. Serving as a beacon of reverence and devotion, it offers a sublime backdrop for weddings, inviting couples to embark on their sacred union within its hallowed halls.

Originally erected in 1934, the Chapel's inception was made possible through the benevolence of the school's esteemed Old Girls. Initially conceived as the School Library, its transformation into a place of worship symbolises the enduring bond between past and present generations of Somerville House alumni. Over the years, the Chapel has undergone meticulous renovations and refurbishments, ensuring its architectural splendour endures for generations to come.

Stepping into the Chapel, one is enveloped by a sense of tranquillity and serenity. Magnificent arches grace its walls, while timber floors exude warmth and elegance. Stained glass windows, bathed in ethereal light, infuse the space with a divine aura, creating an atmosphere conducive to reflection and celebration alike.

For couples seeking to exchange vows in this sacred sanctuary, the Chapel offers an intimate and enchanting setting unlike any other. Whether bathed in the soft glow of daylight or illuminated by the flickering flames of candlelight, every moment within its sacred confines is imbued with timeless grace and profound significance.

To inquire about the availability of the Chapel for your wedding day, we invite you to reach out to us. Let the Chapel at Somerville House be the setting where your love story begins its most sacred chapter.

Number of Guests:

Pew SeatingStanding Room
The Chapel14420

Please note, seating is unable to be altered within the Chapel.

General Pricing:

The Chapel$300 per wedding - includes rehearsal

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