Valmai Pidgeon Performing Arts Centre (VPAC)

The Valmai Pidgeon Performing Arts Complex (VPAC) houses a fully air conditioned performing arts auditorium, known as the Harker Auditorium, which seats more than 1000 people. This auditorium can be further broken down into a smaller auditorium or lecture theatres.

This large auditorium is entered via a foyer, and there is also a veranda area with a view to the city and historic Chambers building.

Number of guests:

Standing / CocktailTheatre / LectureBoardroom / Dinner
VPAC and Foyer10001000500
Harker Hall1000500500
Davenport or Theatre 2
Foyer / Veranda area 300

Approved Venues available for Hire and General Pricing:

VenueLocationRate (General)
Half Day
Rate (General)
Full Day or
Peak Times
Valmai Pidgeon Performing Arts Centre (VPAC)
Harker Hall / Foyer
Davenport or Theatre 2